The Memory Collector

After successfully mis-utilising half of my summer vacations, I finally picked up a novel with an aim to see it through. To the very last page. With the pile of to-reads ever rising, and the digital bug keeping me hooked to the laptop, I HAD to tear myself off from the glowing LED screens and back to the trusty pages and smell of a paperback. So here was my first pick- The Memory Collector by Meg Gardiner.

Ian Kanan is a corporate baby-sitter. A job offshore goes wrong and he contracts retrograde amnesia with a memory span of 5 mins. Meanwhile his family is in danger ‘cos Ian failed to deliver. Now put together a doting amnesiac highly trained ex-army corporate gunslinger who remembers he has to avenge his family’s kidnapping; this gives you the central plot of the adrenaline packed narrative that The Memory Collector is. Jo and Gabe find themselves unwittingly embroiled in this crazy life threatening crossfire between Ian and his crazily smitten crush. Through a series of doppelgangers, contaminated co-passengers and edge-of-the-seat action, Jo uncovers and strings together the past and the present. Does it help her save the ill-fated future?

Much more action than I like reading, The Memory Collector would be one of my half-hearted recommendations. But for action buffs who totally gorge thrilling rush-packed action on and off screen, this could be a great read. For me, it got me off the electric screen (ironically, staring at which again, I write this review) and I am thankful for it.

Ideal star cast (‘cos this was a standard action movie script)- Ian (Channing Tatum), Jo (Katie Cassidy), Gabe (Paul Wesley)



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