The Altogether Unexpected Disappearance of Atticus Craftsman

After a rather significant deviation from my one “one review every three weeks”, I am finally back with a rather interesting read. I don’t like to admit it, but I do judge books by their covers (not always, in my defense) and add this book with the great cover on the bestsellers’ stand and you have a reader! (Not to forget the extremely catchy title )


Atticus Craftsman is the protege and prospective successor of his father’s publishing company. Belonging to a rather well read (they learned sex from the stalwarts on erotica) a and wealthy family (they had a standing dorm room at Oxford), Atticus finds himself in a rather unusual situation when he is tasked to close a branch of their company in Spain. Tasked with giving the pink slip to 5 women, all with their own struggles and stories, his collected British self takes a hit. Soon, this heir ‘disappears’ in Spain – altogether unexpectedly. The Craftsmans employ a local detective, with the ‘street name’ Manchego to find their son. Though not much of a ‘thinking mind’, Manchego does sort the situation out in the end. Oh, there is also the trail of illegitimate children and literary stalwarts.

Peppered with witty humor, ranging from the awkwardness of the British white collars to the brazen liveliness of the Spaniards, this novel is a comedy, if I had to label a genre. A lot on the lines of a PG Wodehouse (with a little more mystery and a lot less vocabular-sarcasm). The story pans out as covering separate lives in the beginning, all of which comes together in end as one related story. It is definitely a light read, but a gripping one. The mystery actually turns out to be significant – something the reader may only realise later given the levity of the narration. Also, for the romantics, there is tonnes of food for the hormones. Almost everyone ends up all happy and tucked into their nice lives by the end. Pick it up some nice summer afternoon and read it through. It will be a good breezy read.

Star Cast- Manchego (Antonio Banderas), Atticus (Hugh Grant), Solea (Salma Hayek)


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