Let’s Eat

Making a minor transition into the digital world of Netflix (that time guzzler), I would love to share reviews of the series I watch. However, I would be only sticking to 1 season series ‘cos they are easier to tackle without spiralling your existance into nothing.

Let’s Eat is a Korean drama-comedy series, the best watch for an adventerous foodie or a K-addict. With a plot line revolving around food, it delivers more than satisfactorily in the food-gasm sector.



The protagonist, Soo-kyung is a middle aged divorcee who stays alone and hates company. She also hates her job and her boss who loves to give her a hard time. Her school friend (and the extremely adorable pet, Che Guevara) being her only support, her life revolves around food. Just one problem, she hates eating out alone. Soon, her neighbor dies (of a fried octopus choking her) and a new vibrant young girl moves in. Jin-yi is the absolute opposite of Soo-kyung who eventually manages to warm up to her. In the food trio, is also Dae-young, the hot insurance salesman. With the love for food they all share, they come together in a group celebrating Korean food. The plot in itself goes beyong food, with unrequited love, murder case, backruptcy and revenge and other side plots. One does end up feeling sad for “Mr Nasty” with his unrequited love for Soo-kyung, but then what’s a story without some heartbreak. Every darcy lover roots for the most unlikely couple to come together and that is what happens when Soo-kyun and Dae-young kiss. And there blossoms a love story kindled by food.

If you’re planning to visit Korea anytime soon, do watch this. If you’re a korean food or drama fan, do watch this. If you’re a food lover, do watch this. It is legit 대단한

Episodes: 16

Duration:46-50 mins each

PS- the sequel is pretty much unrelated to the first

You’ll find a list of all the featured dishes and their names on the “Noonas over Forks” blog


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