Santa Clarita Diet

Drew Barrymore on the silver screen. As a zombie.

Did the description need more for me to watch (read: binge watch) it?


This Netflix series explores the rather weird area of zom-com or zombie comedy. It is that genre where murder can be made funny and the undead not scary. Sheila (Drew Barrymore) is suddenly affected by a virus which makes her throw up (shit tonnes) a red ball (probably a shriveled up heart). Soon after, she realises she has an appetite for only freshly killed humans. Her first victim is the competition realtor played by Nathan Fillion. In her undead state, Sheila, finds her state of nirvana. She is freer, open to change and certainly badass. She tries to take the high road by killing criminals for food, which doesn’t turn out to be that fool-proof a plan. She finds food through accidental murders (all of whom turn out to be bad men). In a series of comic situations and family fights, Sheila and her family figure out ways to lead as normal a life as possible. Soon they figure out the negative of being undead, withering. While parts of her body starts falling off and tensions begin to rise, they find a quaint researcher who knows the cure. But do they make it in time to save Sheila? [and that’s where the series ends]

An interesting light watch for the tired-after-work or I-need-a-senseless-pick-me-up or it’s-sunday-and-I-have-nothing-to-do or the average Drew Barrymore fan.

PS-Joel, played by Timothy Olyphant, gives husband goals.

Episodes: 10

Duration:~30 mins each




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