Rich People Problems

After finishing the book at a 5 pages a day pace, I can say that my life is nothing like what was described. I picked up the book at the local library cos what’s more fun than reading books with titles that are an irony to your grad-student-in-debt life? But the 5 pages before sleep gave me amazing dreams for about 3 weeks! All jokes aside, this is a wonderfully written, light-hearted book for the fans of light drama.


The book is about a series of rich asian families who are somehow related to each other. When I say rich, I mean rich enough to pay for their pet fish’s cosmetic surgeon rich. Su Yi, the dying Ah Ma’s huge and extended family are brought together at her deathbed. While her family has crazy spinster daughters and I-will-do-anything-to-be-on-the-will grandsons, there are also level-headed granddaughters and truly caring and concerned grandsons. Irrespective, everyone in this book is rich and damn they have problems! Nick, the unsaid protagonist is Su Yi’s prized grandson who rushes to her deathbed to beg for forgiveness and bury the hatchet. He in turn gets to be the level-headed spectator of a whirlwind of ruckus that the family is. While Eddie (the desperate to be on the will grandson) creates scenes always to be in the limelight, Astrid (the level headed granddaughter) cannot stay out of the limelight however much she wants as scandal after scandal breaks. In the end, all the mini plots come together into the grand story of saving Tyersall Park, Su Yi’s home. Though the story ends on a happy note, it no way promises a problem-free rich life to the characters. There are ups, downs, rivalry, craziness and above all crazy rich people anecdotes that people like me can only read about.

No summary  would be comprehensive as there are way too many parallel stories. However, if I had to describe this Kevin Kwan’s novel, I would say it is one interesting read! It is one of those few light drama, chic-lit novels that would not be as ‘juicy’ if they were made into a movie. The writing style is great and the sarcastic undertone as well as the hyperbole in the wealth (or at least that’s what I hope it is) makes it a wonderful read. Only thing I hope was that the entire book’s chapters started like they do for the first 3-4. The pun in those introductory problem summary was  brilliant! Anyone who even remotely likes Sophie Kinsella or the likes of her, should definitely give this novel a read! Also, thanks to this novel, I am actually happy that I am not its definition of rich.

Star cast (if the story was non asian): Gerard Butler (Nicky), Scarlett Johanson (Astrid), Paris Hilton (Kitty), Maggie Smith (Su Yi), Jim Carrey (Eddie)


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