Hello, My Twenties/Age of Youth (청춘시대)

Talk about something passing the Bechdel test in every scene! This new Korean drama gives all the power to women. A random pick on Netflix, this series brought back the binge watcher in me. It is light-hearted, dramatic and romantic all rolled up in one.


This series is about 5 roommates, all in their twenties (surprise, surprise!) living with their own ‘ghosts’. Yoon Jin-myung is a struggler who works multiple part-time jobs to support herself and her mother who has been ceaselessly nursing her son in a coma. She suffers through being harrassed by the boss, heartbreak and rejection while continuing to hold her stead. Kang Yi-na is a high society mistress who is basically still struggling to overcome her past trauma and learn to live. She finally faces her past as she confesses her past and moves on to start life (and a career) afresh. Jung Ye-eun is a boyfriend abiding, emotionally struggling 22 year old who is stuck in an abusive relationship. She has lived most of her life looking outwards till she actually realises how hollow and lonely she is inside. Song Ji-won is a journalist in the making and desparately in search for love. Her story is the least tragic of all but in no way the least interesting. She lies for attention but all in good heartedness and wards off men for being too little 애교. Yoo Eun-jae is the youngest and the quietest of the lot with a haunting murder in her hands. She lives in her shell till she speaks up enough to forge her way into the household. Her coy demeanor is only to hide the raging turmoil and guilt inside her. These 5 residents of Bella Epoque start on a journey of self discovery as they each shed their respective ‘ghosts’ in the cupboard – a metaphor that ensues after Song lies that she sees ghosts. The story refrences back in time in the form of nightmares and it is not till the last episodes that we know most things about everyone’s pasts. Though the characters individually hit rock bottom at different points, they realise the importance of having each other in their lives. While the series doesn’t tie everything in a bow in the end, it does show us that things are headed the right way. It has some of the cutest and pretty realistic ‘aww’ moments to give the nice balance of Korean romance. However, the best part, romance doesn’t drive the story.

One thing I absolutely loved about the series was that the girls were their own and each others saviours. From fighting off strangers to rescuing an abducted housemate, they had each others’ back without being ‘damsels in distress’. The behaviours shown in the series was very natural and pretty much how you would expect a bunch of girls to live (except the 애교 (aegyo) factor). Special mention to the ultra cool landlady. She hardly had lines but she definitely had one helluva personality.

Number of Episodes: 12

Episode duration: ~ 1 hour


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