The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

I backspaced 5 starting lines only to realize this described my whirlwind of emotions more than any single line. This show is a breath of fresh air and I am still reeling under its badass-ness. I know I am that transient fangirl who falls in the love with most shows she watches, but trust me, this was true love.


Set in the 1950s, it shows the life of an affluent Jewish family living in the upper east side (a phrase Gossip Girl gave all the meaning to), Manhattan. Midge Maisel is seemingly married to the love of his life (Joel Maisel) who works for his uncle by the day and tries to pull decent comic acts by night. Enter the Gaslight bar, that one place downtown which made so many stars. Joel and Midge regularly go to the Gaslight for Joel to perform while Midge keeps notes and tabs on the laughs. All is hunky-dory till he bombs one day and all the truth comes pouring out after. Joel had been cheating on Midge with secretary Pam (a “shorthand girl”). Drunk and devastated, Midge comes back to Gaslight later that night and takes to the stage. And there starts the career of a truly funny Maisel. Through a series of bumps in her career, from being arrested (which her father surprisingly never confronts her about) to having a job (oh the horrors of the upper east side ‘working’!) to being ostracized by the community for taking on a comic giant, she braves it all – with humor and tonnes of sarcasm. The last scene, in my opinion, was the best when Joel accidentally discovers Midge performing at the Gaslight and his ego kills him while he acknowledges to himself “She is funny”. Validation comes a full circle!

From the perfect wife of the 50s to breaking free into a man’s job and actually being better than him, this show challenges a lot of stereotypes of yore. There is something very liberating about the narrative and yet captivating through and through. All the acting is brilliant and period recreation par excellence!

Curl up and binge watch it today!

Available on: Amazon Prime Video

No. of Episodes: 8

Duration of each episode: ~ 50 mins



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